The ‘SoundLapse’ project was born during my Master’s studies at the Institute of Sonology in the Hague. In my research I was trying to express passing of time by the means of sound and, on the other hand, give a feeling of passing of time with sound. I had 4 practical projects altogether and ‘SoundLapse’ is one of them. The idea is to set up a microphone in a certain place and record a short audio sample of random length over a long period of time in regular intervals. Then the samples are put together into one file. Before the SoundLapse project there was ‘Around the Clock’ trying to achieve a similar effect, but I think this one works better.

Recently I have made a system to record these samples with Raspberry PI, so I don’t have to leave my computer on for a week. This is very useful and handy and will result in much more ‘SoundLapses’ from wherever I go 😉

For now here are 3 ‘SoundLapses’:


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