‘SoundHack the Barbican’ – documentation

Video and audio documenting the installation at the Barbican Center is now online.

After more then 3 years I can finally share with the world all the recordings I made during the installation in 2013. I also made a video documentation, which you can see below.

SoundHack The Barbican – documentation from kaziem on Vimeo.

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Two projects featured on Arduino page

‘Lightseq’ and ‘Lightefface’ featured in the makers section of Arduino website. Last summer I was contacted by a person working for Arduino. They wanted to feature two of my projects in the makers section of their website. It took me a while to sit down and write it, but finally it’s here: http://www.arduino.org/makers/lightseq http://www.arduino.org/makers/lightefface   Continue reading Two projects featured on Arduino page

Summer in retrospect – Brno, Wolimierz, Trenta

It’s winter time already and I’m writing about the past summer. That’s how much behind I am with documenting things! But better late then never, right?

I wanted to mention some cool things that happened during the summer: visiting Casper Electronics and Bastl instruments in Brno, performance at the Harsh Art Plener Fest in Poland and taking part in Pifcamp in Slovenia.

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Lightseq on Audio News Room

It’s summertime and I’m in Brno visiting the amazing BSTL instruments and Peter Edwards aka Casper Electronics so I’m a bit slow with posting updates, but here is one. While in Berlin at the Music Tech Fest I met Fabrizio Massara, the founder of Audio News Room – a website dedicated to music technology. We had a nice chat. He liked the Lightseq and he … Continue reading Lightseq on Audio News Room