My first solo exhibition


I’m very happy to present my first exhibition of sound works.

This exhibition is a special occasion for me as it’s my first solo show. I’m going to present four sound-installations, some of them will be remade and updated versions of works that I have been working on for quite some time and some will be new. There will be three site specific projects that explore the intricate relationship between the sound and time: ‘SoundLapse’, ‘Listening to…’ and ‘Around the Clock’. You can find more information and documentations of the earlier versions of these works at the following links:


‘Listening to…’

‘Around the Clock’

These three projects will be updated to work with the site-specific sounds of the exhibitions space – the bunker in Westbroekpark.

As an extra work I will prepare a new installation ‘In Quotes’ (working title) that is based on sample collection from movies, speeches and other sources.

Here’s a link to more info

Great thanks to Dewi the Vree for trust and help 🙂

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