LSe 2.0 – first look

It’s been quiet here… but here’s a new video introducing the new version of LSe instrument (formerly known as LightSeq). I think this name is much cooler.

The new version of the project will also have some super cool new features such as ability to process external audio (basically being an audio effect unit controlled with light). There will (probably) be the following audio effects: delay, filter, ring mod, FM, AM granulizer. The machine will be color-sensitive, it will have sync input and output allowing it to synchronize with external hardware, it will have CV input and output and some more features.

So at the moment my new live set up is the first version as a sound source and the second one as effect unit, it works really fantastic in combination…

People keep asking me if it will ever be available for sale or if I will put it on kickstarter.  The honest answer is that I don’t feel like making a businees out of this, I want to make music, not money 🙂 I might built another version which should be the final one and then if people really want I might built a few of them, but they will be quite pricey… anyway it’s hard to say more at this moment.

I hope you enjoy the video!!!

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