Summer in retrospect – Brno, Wolimierz, Trenta

It’s winter time already and I’m writing about the past summer. That’s how much behind I am with documenting things! But better late then never, right?

I wanted to mention some cool things that happened during the summer: visiting Casper Electronics and Bastl instruments in Brno, performance at the Harsh Art Plener Fest in Poland and taking part in Pifcamp in Slovenia.

My friend Peter Edwards aka Casper Electronics moved to Brno to join forces with Bastl instruments. I visited him there and had an opportunity to see how things are done professionally, it was very img_1703 informative. I also met most of the team behind Bastl instruments, including the two founders: Andrej and Vaclaw. It’s fantastic to see such an amazing job done by these guys, I was really impressed. I spent some time working for them so that I could get some of their instruments cheaper and so I started making my first modular system.

Apart from running the company, the guys from Bastl organize workshops, gigs and other events. We had a few nice jam sessions (like the one documented on the picture) and I performed with ‘lighterface‘ at one of the events they organized. Overall it was very good experience, I’m definitely coming back!

I spent another week in Wolimierz, a tine village very close to the border between Poland and Check Republic. It’s a space built in a style of ‘garbage warrior’ with a strong DIY feel. It is run by artists and volunteers. I went there to take part in the Harsh Art Plener Fest – a small but promising festival of rather peculiar art and music. Even though there was not so much audience the line up was really interesting and international, I’ve met a lot of interesting people and played a solo gig as well as a duo with Paweł Krzaczkowski. I also made a ‘soundlapse‘ recording and this is how it sounds:


Lastly I went to Pifcamp, which is a week-long festival for all sorts of geeky people, who meet and work together. It takes place in a national park in Slovenia which is one of the most beautiful places I have seen. Apart from regular hacking, at PIFcamp you could learn what wild plants you can eat in the wilderness, how to simulate an earthquake with a speaker or how to amplify movement of bacteria. Again I’ve met a lot of great people and made another soundlapse recording:



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